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Vocalo Daily Snippet: I've been body-scanned. And I know why Flight 253 almost went down: They want to see my girlfriend naked.

Swizzle Steve from We Are Change Chicago describes going through a body-scan at Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport. He had a Starburst wrapper in his pocket, and the rest is history. TALK_Flight 253 Was a Plot to Get Naked Pictures_Molly with Swizzle Steve He's also been reading stories that suggest the presence of a would-be terrorist on Flight 253 was no security slip-up. And he's put two and two together. From this clip, it sounds like he thinks the purported terrorist incident was staged to give the government an excuse to"¦ take naked pictures of Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and Steve's girlfriend. That sounds weird, but I think he may be onto something. Because Molly, who did the interview, tells me she's with him on this. ("No way would I go through one of these freaking scans," she says.) So what are these pictures for, if not kinky good times for government workers? Here's a link to their full conversation on Vocalo yesterday.

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