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Wait, wait, it's our NATO quiz!

NATO Spokesman Jamie Shea, left, pours a glass of celebratory champagne for journalists at NATO Headquarters in June 1999. (AP/Yves Logghe)

How much do you know about NATO?

Find out with Worldview's NATO quiz! Friday on Worldview, we test you on all things NATO, from it's origin story to member nations. Dick Longworth helps keep score. He’s been covering NATO for 35 years and is currently a Senior Fellow at The Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

Call us at 312-923-9239 to play. But first, warm up and try your hand at NATO trivia:

1. The 28 NATO member countries belong to a dizzing number of sub-associations. Which of the following is not the name of a NATO membership association?

A.  Membership Action Plan 

B.  Individual Partnership Action Plan      

C.  Partnership for Peace          

D.  The Latin American Alliance                 

E.  Mediterranean Dialogue   

F.  Istanbul Cooperation Initiative 


2. What country is in NATO even though it has no standing army?

A.  Haiti

B.  Iceland

C.  Switzerland

D.  Greenland

E.  Luxembourg  


3. The defining principal of NATO is Article five. Article five says….

A.  The United States will use overwhelming force to defend all NATO members

B.  The United States will extend its nuclear umbrella to all member nations

C.  An attack against one is an attack against all

D.  An attack against one means an immediate retaliatory strike using overwhelming force

E.     All for one and one for all


How did you do? Call us at 312-923-9239 to play.

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