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Waiting game for reporters covering Blagojevich

The waiting game at federal court resumes Monday morning as jurors continue deliberations in the corruption retrial of ex-Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich. 

Monday is the sixth day of deliberations, which means it's the sixth day of hanging out in the federal court cafeteria for a couple dozen reporters awaiting the verdict.

When the verdict is announced, it will probably take the governor a half an hour or more to get to court, but ABC's Paul Meincke says his station will immediately go live with coverage. That means he can't leave because he'll need to be in the building so he has something to describe to his viewers. 

"We wait for Rod Blagojevich to arrive," Meincke said. "We see what he looks like when he goes in.  I gotta be able to describe what was his demeanor.  I mean you can guess what it would be, but you gotta be there, you gotta see it.  You gotta be able to describe who's waiting to get in and then, you gotta be able to get a seat."

In the meantime Meincke says he's studying up on the case and discussing it with colleagues, though he admits he finds time for some other pursuits:  "In the interests of full disclosure, we play games, we watch YouTube, we see some Marx brothers, we have some laughs," said Meincke.

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