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Afternoon Shift

Wednesday's game plan for 'Afternoon Shift': Post primary hangover

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Do you realize that yesterday Steve Edwards did four hours of live radio? He's back again today for another live two hour show. Anyone want to start a Chuck Norris style game about Steve's super-human abilities? Here are today's details, straight from director Jason Marck's email.

Listen to the first hour of the show


Jesse Jackson Jr.-The Congressman (D-IL 2) joins us to talk about his win over primary challenger Debbie Halverson.

Romney/Blackhawks- Does negativity begat negativity?  When Mitt Romney’s opponents attack him before a primary, the Blackhawks go on a losing streak.  When Santorum & Co. back off, they start lighting the lamp out the yinyang.  We bring on Matt McKenna, author of the blog post “American Policy Suggestions from a Chicago Sports Fan” from McSweeney's.

Ward Cleanup- All those yard signs and fliers that pop up before an election…graffiti on fences, posters on light poles…One man has made it his mission to clean all the crap out of his ward.  We’ll meet Steve Jensen of Chicago’s 32nd.

3 at 3- We unpack the viral stories of the day with The Chicago Tribune’s Eric Zorn and WBEZ blogger Achy Obejas

Listen to the second hour of the show


Anti Intellectual- Last night, Mitt Romney derisively referred to the president as “Professor Obama”.  We’ll explore the anti-intellectual streak that’s run through a segment of American politics for 200 years and the role of ivory tower types in our government,  with Hudson Institute Scholar and former Bush administration official Tevi Troy.  Troy is the author of “Intellectuals and the American Presidency”

Clever Apes- If you ever thought the world’s financial system was so crazy it was run by monkeys, you’re not far off. WBEZ science reporter Gabe Spitzer found out our ancient ancestors were spending and investing for millions of years.

John Sayles- We profile indie film icon John Sayles, known for such films as The Howling and Lone Star.

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