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Comparing racism and inequality in Paris to Chicago & Detroit

In fall 2005, several neighborhoods in the Paris suburbs and other French cities erupted into rioting. The violence was in response to the deaths of young Muslims at the hands of law enforcement. And in August of 2014, violence erupted in Ferguson, Missouri over the killing of African-American, Michael Brown, by a white police officer. In both instances, issues of alienation, poverty and discrimination fueled the unrest. "City/Cité: A Transatlantic Exchange" is a two-day symposium in Chicago comparing issues like police militarization, racism and income inequality in Paris to Chicago and Detroit. We’ll talk with symposium participants, Andrew Diamond, professor of American History and Civilization at the Université Paris-Sorbonne and Sylvie Tissot, professor of Political Science at the University of Paris. They want to replicate their work across Europe and the U.S. (Photo: Flickr/Stephen Melkisethian)

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