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Is There A Better Way To Elect Our Government Officials?

The Midterm Elections are finally here. This election day is particularly important for Illinoisans as the governor's race has drawn attention from outsiders for being the most expensive race in U.S. history. The political climate of the state has made it almost impossible to stay clear of campaign ads, leaving many voters on the fence about who they are going to vote for. Robert Middlekauff, a lead organizer and founder of FairVote Illinois, is all too familiar with this problem which has been considered around the world. Middlekauff believes in ranked hoice voting, a voting system that allows voters to power to rank candidates from favorite to least favorite. Joining us to discusss what ranked choice voting in Illinois would look like is Middlekauff and Ruth Greenwood. Greenwood is Senior Legal Counsel for Voting Rights and Redistricting for the Campaign Legal Center. She’s originally from Australia, which uses ranked choice voting, and where voting is compulsory.

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