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Friday News Roundup

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President Trump's 100th day in office is coming up, but we'll focus on the past seven days for this week's Friday News Roundup. Trump went big on tax cuts and has promised to either renegotiate NAFTA or terminate it. And the health care overhaul is back on the table. We'll also find out how the rest of the world reacting to President Trump's first 100 days. Why does the commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan want more troops? And why is Mexico talking about boycotting American corn? Two panels of journalists join Joshua Johnson to discuss the week's top news stories. Discussing domestic news is Ron Elving, senior editor and correspondent at NPR, Lisa Desjardins, political director of PBS NewsHour, Greg Ip, chief economics commentator for The Wall Street Journal and Greg Harris, CEO of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Discussing international news is Paul Danahar, Washington bureau chief of the BBC, Nancy Youssef, national security correspondent at BuzzFeed and James Kitfield, senior fellow of Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress.

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