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Gifts of Securities

Thank you for your interest in supporting Chicago Public Media. A gift of appreciated securities not only provides meaningful philanthropic support, but can also offer significant tax savings to you and your family. As you prepare to make a gift of securities, we suggest that you consult with your tax advisers to determine how, specifically, a charitable deduction will work for your unique tax situation.

How to Donate Gifts of Security to Chicago Public Media

The most common and efficient method of donating securities is through an electronic transfer using the two-step process listed below. This process is facilitated through your financial adviser using the Chicago Public Media DTC number.

Note: It is important for you or your financial advisor to contact our offices and notify us of your intent to donate securities. This contact ensures that your gift of securities is properly recorded and attributed to your record on file.

For More Information:

If you have any questions regarding your gift to Chicago Public Media, please contact Vincent Mayo, Director of Development Operations, at