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CTA May Take Fuel from Citgo

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The head of the Chicago Transit Authority says he’ll explore the possibility of taking reduced-cost fuel from the petroleum company Citgo.

Citgo is controlled by the government of Venezuela, and has given discounted fuel to poor communities in parts of Boston and New York.

It offered diesel fuel with savings of $15 million to the Chicago Transit Authority, but CTA President Frank Kreusi rejected the idea, asking for a cash donation instead.

That refusal angered a handful of Chicago area aldermen, state reps, and Congressman Luis Gutierrez. They held a heated press conference and all but called for Kreusi’s resignation.

But today those elected officials sat down with Kreusi to discuss possibilities.

After the meeting, Kreusi emphasized that substantial legal and logistical issues remain.

But a Citgo representative pointed out that when businessmen want to make money, they think as creatively as they can.

He says that’s the answer here.

Another meeting is planned for the end of January.

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