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The Closing of Tiny Lounge

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And now, a story about a city trying to improve its public transportation and a woman whose business stood in the way.

Colleen Flaherty’s bar had been open just a couple years when the Chicago Transit Authority moved to acquire the property as part of its $530 million renovation of the brown line.

The Northside bar, called Tiny Lounge, was already a neighborhood hit. Residents turned out to support Flaherty in community meetings. Local papers ran headlines like “Tiny Lounge, Big Trouble,” and the alderman was quoted as saying “the only thing we ask of Colleen is to keep her business in the 47th ward.”

But today, Colleen Flaherty’s beloved bar isn’t there - or anywhere else. She’s out of business. Chicago Public Radio’s Catrin Einhorn reports on what went wrong.

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