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City Clerk Laski Resigns

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Chicago City Clerk James Laski has resigned.

His announcement comes more than three weeks after prosecutors unveiled charges against him in the growing federal investigation into corruption at city hall.

Days before federal prosecutors unveiled the charges against Laski, some Chicago aldermen were already speculating he would step down, and had even started angling to replace him.

Then after Laski was charged with obstruction of justice and soliciting bribes, the clerk surprised some by declaring that he wouldn’t leave his post.

The clerk did an about face today, submitting a letter of resignation to the mayor, and announcing he would indeed step down.

As one of a handful of Chicago officials elected city-wide, Laski is the highest-ranking official snared in the on-going federal investigation of city hall.

The clerk’s resignation went into effect 30 minutes ago, and a spokesperson for the office says he did not address his employees to talk about his decision.

Deputy City Clerk Edmund Kantor will take charge of the office until Mayor Richard Daley appoints someone to replace Laski.

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