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Residents Meet Over Tritium Leak

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Residents in a community southwest of Chicago will voice their concerns tonight over chemical spills at a nearby nuclear plant.

State Sen. Gary Dahl will attend a town hall meeting in Godley, one week after an Exelon plant there was shut down due to a false alarm.

Sen. Dahl says the the best way to deal with potential chemical leaks may be simple.

""Whether or not we need to introduce legislation, you know, that seems to be the only thing we do around here,"" Dahl says. ""Every time something happens, we run out and pass another law. I don’t know that we need to pass another law. I think we need to just make people aware, make people responsible for their actions.""

Recent findings also found multiple leaks of tritium at the plant over the past decade. Tritium is a low-level radioactive substance.

Exelon took several years to disclose the leaks to the public.

Organizers say they expect between 300 and 400 citizens to attend tonight’s meeting.

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