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City Hall Corruption Trial Witness Ends Testimony

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In a highly charged atmosphere, a key witness wrapped up testimony Thursday in the Chicago city hall corruption trial.

Federal prosecutors were looking for a high-profile witness. They found one in Daniel Katalinic. He ranked high in Chicago’s Streets and Sanitation department.

He’s pleaded guilty to fraud charges, and will get a lighter sentence for his cooperation. Katalinic said he rounded up city workers to campaign for Mayor Richard Daley and his allies. In return, he said three defendants helped get promotions for Katalinic’s most loyal election volunteers.

But the defense tried whittling away at Katalinic, especially on details such as when back-room deals allegedly took place.

Defense attorney Thomas Durkin left Katalinic with this question: No one ever guaranteed your people would get promotions, right?”

“That’s right,” Katalinic said, “That’s right.”

The corruption trial of four former city hall officials resumes Monday.

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