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Pressure on Stroger Family To Reveal Condition

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There’s increasing pressure on the family of Cook County Board President John Stroger to reveal more about his medical condition.

The issue of his health could come to a head at the Cook County board meeting next Tuesday.

Death, designation, or disability, under Illinois statute those are the criteria for determining a vacancy in an executive position.

Stroger suffered a stroke in March.

And now, Republican Commissioner Tony Peraica, who’s running for board president, wants an official inquiry into Stroger’s health.

We as taxpayers, who fund this $3 billion corporate entity which is Cook County government, are entitled to a modicum of information so that we can make a reasonable decision about our collective future.

Commissioners could approve an inquiry into Stroger’s fitness to serve as early as Tuesday’s board meeting.

They could pick one of their own to replace him, if he’s found unable.

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