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United Airlines Leaves Midway

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United Airlines is leaving Midway Airport in September.

The company says it’s ending service because business was slow for United’s subsidiaries, Ted and United Express.

Joe Schwieterman is a transportation expert at DePaul University.

He says United hoped some of its low cost services could work at Midway, but the airline never really fit in.

“You know this is more symbolic than anything else,” Schwieterman says. “It shows that Midway, you know such a hotbed of competition that a network airline with somewhat higher costs is going to have a tough go of it there. I think United is clearly saying that we want to own O’Hare and we’re not going to spread our resources too thin.”

United currently has five departures that leave from Midway.

The move comes a month after American Airlines announced it would also end service at the airport.

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