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Cops Bust Drug Ring

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Authorities charged almost 50 people with operating a drug ring at a south side public housing development today.

The drugs included heroin, cocaine, and the prescription painkiller fentanyl.

A Chicago police officer was also charged.

Early this morning, more than 400 federal and local law enforcement officers flooded the Dearborn Homes.

They arrested dozens of alleged members of a Chicago street gang called the Mickey Cobras.

Federal prosecutor Gary Shapiro says he was struck by the drug ring’s sophistication.

Gang leaders allegedly owned a surprising array of heroin products, each with its own recipe.

“They carry niche marketing to its extreme. Apparently the Mickey Cobras believe their heroin customers are attracted by risk and danger,” Shapiro said.

“Because, as the complaint alleges, these lines or brands of heroin had names like Max Pain, Reaper, Lethal Injection, Drop Dead, Fear Factor, and Final Call.”

Authorities are not accusing the defendents of lacing heroin with fentanyl.

That combination has been blamed for at least 70 deaths in Chicago.

A Chicago police officer allegedly helped gang members by giving them information on surveillance.

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