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Counties Closer To Smoking Bans

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Over the weekend, Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich signed a bill that gives every county in the state more power to ban smoking.

Until now, some counties didn’t have the authority to pass bans.

Many cities can still make their own smoking rules, but the legislation gives local governments the power to pass county-wide bans that include all unincorporated areas.

That could affect counties like DuPage, which is trying to do just that.

Linda Kurzawa is the president of the board of health for DuPage County.

“Our next step here in DuPage County will be to work with our mayor’s and manager’s organization and try to bring a unified plan for the entire county together at one time,” she says.

Kurzawa says her goal is to get all the communities in DuPage County signed-on to the smoking ban.

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