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Stroger Plan Faces Some Opposition

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Cook County Board President John Stroger is set to have his name removed from the November ballot.

Sources say he wants his son Alderman Todd Stroger to succeed him.

But some long-time Democratic insiders say, not so fast. It’s been like a game of political chess.

As many as six politicians, would moved upwards or sideways to fill all the vacancies caused by Stroger’s leaving.

With the deals being cut, one person has been left out, Commissioner Bobbie Steele the only woman to pursue the presidency.

Delmarie Cobb, is a political consultant working with Steele.

She says the deal to put Todd Stroger on the ballot disenfranchises women and African Americans.

She says, " And if anybody thinks that the Daley’s aren’t behind this, pulling all the strings tehn they’re absolutely crazy and don’t know anything about Chicago politics.”

Bobbie Steele says she won’t go quietly into the night.

She’s planning a rally this evening at the Chicago’s Urban League.

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