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Disabled Riders Have a New Carrier

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Chicago public transit riders with disabilities will have a new carrier starting Saturday.

PACE takes over for the Chicago Transit Authority.

Advocates for people with disabilities say they hope PACE is more reliable than the CTA.

They also say they hope lines of communication are kept open with the disabled community.

PACE has opened a downtown Chicago office in preparation for its new riders.

Gary Arnold with the advocacy group Access Living says the services are critical.

“Without paratransit, people who are unable to ride the main line system or don’t have access to another form of transportation will remain isolated.”

Prices will remain the same for now at a $1.75, but PACE is looking into whether a price change is necessary.

PACE has been running paratransit services in the suburbs for years, and a spokeswoman says the company hopes to make the whole operation more efficient and useful to riders.

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