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Stroger Resigns

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After nearly half a century, Cook County Board President John Stroger’s political career has come to an end.

Cook County Board President John Stroger is withdrawing as a candidate for re-election and will retire his post and his commission seat effective July 31.

That’s according to a letter released Friday by Stroger’s office.

The letter was released late in the evening after months of speculation and a scuttled friday news conference.

The letter was on stationery from Stroger’s president’s office but was unsigned.

“This is a personal decision that is being made because of my current physical limitations. I have the aptitude and mental abilities to make the sound decisions that I have made all my
life,” the letter said.

With those words Stroger ends his nearly 36 years on the county board, and twelve years as it’s first African American president.

Stroger’s son, Chicago Alderman Todd Stroger say his father wants him to take his place on the November ballot to face Republican Commissioner Tony Peraica.

Democratic insiders say that’s not a done deal.

County Commissioners could pick a interim replacement for Stroger later this month.

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