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Chicago Pols Accuse Each Other of Politicizing Deadly Fire

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A tragic fire last weekend that killed six children on Chicago’s north side has become an issue in an already ugly political battle.

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley called out Alderman Joe Moore at a press conference where the mayor wasn’t asked about the alderman he just offered up his take.

Daley says Moore, who sponsored the so-called big box ordinance, was out of line when he suggested the north side fire shows the need for a living wage.

But Moore says it’s Daley making an issue out of it and the mayor only brought it up because he has less than a week to decide if he’ll veto the ordinance.

“So I think the question that should be asked of Mayor Daley is ‘Just who is politicizing this horrible tragedy?’ I certainly am not,” Moore says.

The family who suffered the tragedy had lived without power for four months. Moore says people should make enough money to be able to keep their lights on.

The so-called big box ordinance would require some large retailers to pay a higher minimum wage and benefits to employees.

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