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Steele Defends Keeping Suspended Workers on Payroll

SHARE Steele Defends Keeping Suspended Workers on Payroll

Cook County Board President Bobbie Steele is defending her decision to keep four suspended county workers on the payroll. The workers were put on leave in connection with a county investigation into alleged hiring abuses.

The group includes Gerald Nichols, former Board President John Stroger’s reputed patronage chief. Nichols is at the center of allegations that county hiring was rigged to serve political interests.

Steele says she stands by the decision to leave Nichols and three others on the payroll. Other county commissioners say if Nichols and others are being paid with tax dollars, they should be given work to do.

On another front, John Stroger’s son Todd Stroger denies reports that Nichols is working on his campaign for board president. He says Nichols is an active member in his 8th Ward political operation but is not with his campaign.

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