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"Circle Line" Hearings to Begin

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The Chicago Transit Authority will move a step closer to “looping the Loop” this week, with series of public hearings on the proposed Circle Line. Tonight begins a series of public meetings to figure out what the Circle Line would look like, and whether people want it.

The circle line would link the L and Metra lines with a ring of new track. The idea would be to let people skirt the Loop and transfer among the lines.

There’s still a lot of uncertainty about it. It could be a new subway line, an elevated train, light rail or even express buses. And, it’s still not certain whether the new line will even happen. It’s one of five proposals green-lit by the federal government, but the CTA would still have to secure funding for it. Some people worry about the houses in the new line’s path. Others question whether different projects - like extending the Red Line further south - might be a better use of funds.

The first meeting is tonight at the Bucktown - Wicker Park Library at 6 p.m. More meetings follow Wednesday and Thursday.

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