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Possible Price Break for Eco-Friendly Drivers

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North suburban Wilmette wants to entice drivers to buy environmentally friendly cars.

A plan to give owners of fuel-efficient cars a break on the cost of license stickers is set to come up tonight at Wilmette’s village board meeting.

Lali Watt of the Wilmette Board’s Finance Committee says the plan is part of Wilmette’s forward-thinking approach to environmental issues.

“First of all, it makes people aware that these designations exist and that it is possible to buy cars that are super-low polluting and so on, and secondly, it really gives other people an impetus to do something, and once enough people are doing something, change happens,” says Watt.

Critics of the proposed ordinance say it unfairly targets conventional car owners.

They’d pay seventy-five dollars a year for a license sticker.

Owners of the most fuel-efficient cars would pay only twenty-five dollars.

A vote on the proposal is scheduled to come up at tonight’s village board meeting.

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