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DuPage County Reports Second Mumps Outbreak

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DuPage County is reporting a second outbreak of the mumps.

Benedictine University-Lisle confirmed on Monday that one student has been infected.

Health officials suspect one other case.

This outbreak comes a week after nearby Wheaton College reported 32 students stricken with the disease.

Benedictine University spokeswoman Mercy Robb says some students are so cautious they don’t even want to touch door handles.

“There are people saying, ‘Well, I’m not going to shake your hand,’ And you have some people that are more concerned than others. Some people are fine, they’re like ‘Mumps.’ You know, ‘Mumps... mumps,’” Robb says.

“But other people are concerned, they don’t want to get sick. A lot of our students--they don’t want to miss class,” she says.

DuPage County health officials say more cases are likely to occur, they just don’t know how many.

Illinois usually reports about 10 cases per year, but this year the state has seen over six hundred.

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