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Chicago May Get More Surveillance Cameras

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Chicago may soon get more surveillance cameras across the city. The mayor wants to put up 100 more security cameras at a cost of $1 million.

Police Superintendent Phil Cline says reported crime is down more than 30 percent in areas that have had the cameras for a while.

“What’s good for us, is let’s say we have a crime occur, not even underneath the camera, but a block away from the camera. And the witnesses tell us the car drove that way. We can pull that camera now and get the license plate off the car. We’ve made over 400 arrests alone this year alone, based on information from the cameras,” he says.

The new cameras would look like street lamps, without the flashing blue lights the older models have. Mayor Richard Daley says he plans to request them in next year’s budget. Also, the mayor says the city will fight a lawsuit over traffic cameras that generate tickets for running red lights. The suit contends that’s unconstitutional because owners can get tickets, even when they’re not the ones driving.

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