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Foley Scandal Becoming an Issue in Local Congressional Race

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The scandal involving former U.S. Representative Mark Foley may affect the race in Illinois’ 6th Congressional District--believed to be one of the state’s closest.

Each day brings more news of the Foley scandal and it’s become an issue in the contest between Republican Peter Roskam and Democrat Tammy Duckworth. That could be trouble for Roskam.

Chuck Todd, editor of the political tip sheet, “The Hotline,” says Roskam needs a strong turnout from his conservative base.

“If moral conservatives are sitting there going, ‘What’s the point?’ and they just feel like, ‘You know what, I can’t stomach it, I’m not ready to vote for a Democrat, but I’m just not going to go.’ That’s a problem, and that could tip the balance,” he says.

Todd says just a slight drop off in conservative turnout as a result of the Foley scandal could spell defeat for Roskam.

Roskam’s campaign director says it’s too early to predict how the issue will affect turnout. He says voters need to make their decisions based on the issues, not a scandal that doesn’t involve either candidate.

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