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Luxury Trains Planned for Airports

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A private company would run luxury train service between the loop and Chicago’s two major airports, if a plan being considered by the Chicago Transit Authority is enacted.

But initially, the service would be no faster than current CTA trains, because it would run on existing tracks.

CTA President Frank Kruesi says other amenities would entice travelers to pony up for the ride.

“You don’t need to think any further than the fact that if you’re on a plane and you’ve got coach, business class, and first class,” he says.

“Everybody is getting to the destination at the same point, and some people are prepared to spend multiples of what a coach ticket is. And some people will fly coach. That’s the nature of the market.”

Kruesi says an express train that would cut travel time to and from the airports is still in the works, but no firm time table has been put in place.

The direct, non-express service to and from Block 37 on State Street should be up and running by 2008.

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