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Kirk, Seals Debate in Illinois' 10th Congressional District

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Candidates in the 10th Congressional district duked it out during the first and only public debate in that race.

In this campaign Republican Mark Kirk has largely focused on local projects he’s secured, including a cleanup of Waukegan Harbor. But last night the three- term incumbent swung at Democratic Challenger Dan Seals’ positions on foreign policy. That includes how to deal with Iran.

“And last, when asked which side we should be on if the dictators in Iran would attack Israel, he said he’d be on the side of peace, and I’d be on the side of Israel,” said Kirk.

Seals said the war in Iraq has distracted the administration from dealing with Iran’s nuclear ambitions. He claimed Kirk stands too close to the President when it comes to the war on terror.

Meantime, Seals took up the issue of public trust, referring to the Foley page scandal, and the fact that House Speaker Dennis Hastert did not give up his post.

Kirk proposed ethics reforms over the scandal, but Seals called for Hastert to step down, and said Kirk should do the same.

“The thing you really need to do is not have a plan, you need new people. That’s how we’re going to get ethics in government,” argued Seals.

Kirk defended his ethics reform plan. He also said he wants to speed up ethics investigations in the House of Representatives.

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