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Students, Activists Continue Push for U of C Divestment

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The push continues to get the University of Chicago to pull investments out of companies that do business with Sudan.

Nearly a hundred students, activists and religious leaders joined Illinois U.S. Congressman Bobby Rush yesterday to rally and march against the university’s policy.

Paul Robeson Ford, a U of C divinity student, was among the speakers.

ROBESON FORD: This is about the complacency of a board of trustees that has never been forced to be accountable to the community in which it lives moves and has its being. This is about a board of trustees that believes it can hide behind the veil of intellectual inquiry.

Sudan’s Arab-led government is accused of widespread abuses against ethnic African people in its Darfur region.

In February, the Board decided not to divest. It cited a written policy of staying out of political and social issues to protect free speech

A U of C spokesman says the Board stands by its decision and supports the rights of students to protest.

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