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Aging Suburbanites on the Rise

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The percentage of seniors in Chicago suburbs is expected to grow dramatically.
That’s according to a study released by the Brookings Institution.

Author William Frey says this trend is caused by aging baby boomers who have made their lives in the suburbs.

Frey says right now American cities have more seniors but in the next ten to fifteen years the balance could change.

FREY: It’s going to mean there’s going to be a need for health services, social services that are geared more towards a senior population than a youth population. You know, local communities are going to have to dig into their pockets to deal with the cost of having more seniors in the suburbs.

Frey says the growth of the senior population in the Chicago area should be offset by the large number of immigrants the city and suburbs attract.

He says that’s because immigrants tend to be younger and have children.

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