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ConAgra sued by Northwest Indiana Family

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A Northwest Indiana family is suing the makers of a popular peanut butter brand because they say their child became seriously ill after eating it.

Chicago Public Radio’s Michael Puente reports.


Eleven-year-old Krystina Brugh clutched her doll as her parents and attorney spoke today of a federal lawsuit filed on her behalf this week against ConAgra.

The Brughs, of Lowell, Indiana, claim their daughter ate ConAgra’s Peter Pan peanut butter in January and fell ill.

The parents say the peanut butter was tainted with salmonella, causing kidney failure.

The family’s attorney, Ken Allen, says the lawsuit hopes to force better inspections.

ALLEN: The solution is straight forward and simple: Testing. You test the products before they’re shipped out.)

Krystina’s father, John Brugh will donate one of his kidneys to his daughter at a Chicago hospital Monday.

ConAgra is facing additional lawsuits after more than 600 people nationwide fell ill after allegedly eating its peanut butter.

The company had no comment on the lawsuit filed by the Brughs.

I’m Michael Puente, Chicago Public Radio.

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