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Commissioners React to Stroger's Cancer

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Some Cook County Commissioners are disappointed the board president kept his cancer secret for 10 months.


Board President Todd Stroger will be out for three weeks while he recovers from a surgery that removed his prostate. Few people knew about the surgery until yesterday. Commissioner Mike Quigley says the secrecy surrounding Todd Stroger’s health is reminiscent of the secrecy surrounding former board president John Stroger’s stroke last year.

Quigley: “This board now must recognize that it has to address temporary transition to address these issues. The issues are too much at stake. This is the 19th largest fiscal government in the United States. It’s a three billion dollar enterprise and we deserve to know what’s going on.”

Commissioner Tony Pereica ran against Stroger for the presidency last year. He says Stroger should have disclosed his cancer before the election so voters could decide whether they thought it would affect his ability to lead.

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