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Doctors: How Many Calories in That Burger?

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The nation’s doctors are throwing their weight behind an effort to lower your weight. They’re calling for fast food chains to display more nutrition information.


At fast-food counters, you can see right away how much a burger and fries will hit your pocketbook.

But the American Medical Association complains, you can’t immediately tell how that combo could hit your waistline.

AMA President Ronald Davis wants food chains to display calories next to prices.

Davis: The point of the resolution is, let’s not wait until somebody requests it, let’s not wait until somebody goes to the Web site to find out this information, let’s give it to them proactively, like on the menu boards, before the purchase is made, so they can be informed consumers.

The AMA recommends paper menus include additional information, such as sodium and fiber content.

The AMA could lobby Congress to enact nutrition information mandates.

The restaurant industry complains printing full nutrition information would be expensive and would confuse consumers.

I’m Shawn Allee.

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