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Facelift for Chicago Parks

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Parks around Chicago could see fresh paint and even new buildings over the next few years, thanks to money from parking lots.


The Chicago Park District and the city were once major players in downtown parking.

Around Grant Park alone, they had four lots … including a behemoth below Millennium Park.

The city leased those out last year.

After paying debt, the park district had one hundred and twenty two million dollars to play with.

But it wasn’t clear what it would spend it on … until now.

Officials say five parks will get new field houses.

Fifty parks will get new playgrounds.

And some park buildings will get facelifts, including the South Shore Cultural Center and the North Side’s Broadway Armory.

The district will also spend some parking funds on solar panels and other environmental projects.

I’m Shawn Allee.

Chicago Public Radio.

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