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21 Months for Accused Terrorist

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The terrorism trial of a Chicago area man came to a close today. A federal judge gave Muhammad Salah 21 months in prison. For Chicago Public Radio, Robert Wildeboer reports.


This past February, a jury found Salah was not guilty of supporting terrorism. If he had been convicted on that count, he could have faced life in prison. But the jury did find him guilty of lying on a questionaire that was part of a civil lawsuit. Salah says he was prosecuted because he is Palestinian.

SALAH: From international terrorist to obstruction of justice, just a little lie on a paper and I didn’t even lie. This is unfair.

Outside the courtroom Salah told his many supporters that Allah knows what’s best and quote, “he chose this for us.” Prosecutors did not comment on the sentence. Salah’s attorney’s say they’ll consider an appeal but don’t think that has a high chance of success.

For Chicago Public Radio, I’m Robert Wildeboer.

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