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Conrad Black Jury Still Deliberating

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The jury in the trial of fallen media mogul Conrad Black is expected to start its 12th day of deliberations today. Black was once CEO of Hollinger International. He and three former colleagues are accused of cheating shareholders of about $60 million. Chicago Public Radio’s Diantha Parker reports.


The jury sent a note Tuesday saying it was having trouble reaching a unanimous verdict on one or more counts. The judge brought the jurors back into the courtroom and re-read them the instruction that says they must make every reasonable attempt to reach a verdict. The jury hasn’t been heard from since, except to tell the court its daily deliberation schedule. After the jury left, the judge did say she usually reads this instruction to deadlocked juries two or three times. But she said she’d consider allowing a partial verdict if she gets another note asking for help. The charges against Black include tax evasion, racketeering and obstruction of justice. But in all, the jury has 42 counts to decide on, and more than three months of testimony to review. I’m Diantha Parker, Chicago Public Radio.

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