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Mark Cuban Might Buy the Cubs

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Dallas Maverick’s owner and high-profile billionaire Mark Cuban is making moves to buy the Chicago Cubs. The team’s expected to be sold by Chicago-based Tribune Company after the current baseball season is ends. Chicago Public Radio’s Ben Calhoun reports.

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Cuban’s known for his money and his mouth. He made bulk of his fortune during the dot-com boom. Earlier this year Forbes listed Cuban’s net worth at 2.3 billion—placing him 407th on the magazine’s global list of billionaires.

So that’s the money.

As for the mouth, Cuban purchased the Dallas Mavericks basketball franchise in 2000. Since then, he’s racked up more than a million and a half dollars in fines for criticizing and/or yelling at league officials—as well as other assorted losing-your-temper behavior. He’s also overseen a transformation of the Mavericks into one of basketball’s top teams.

Last night, Cuban confirmed that he has submitted an application to Major League Baseball to look at the Cubs finances and get into the pool of possible buyers.

Some speculate bidding for the team could exceed a billion dollars.

I’m Ben Calhoun, Chicago Public Radio

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