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R. Kelly's Lawyers Due in Court

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Lawyers for Chicago musician and producer R. Kelly are expected in Cook County criminal court Friday for a pre-trial hearing. Five years ago Kelly was arrested on child pornography charges, but the case has yet to go to trial.

For Chicago Public Radio, Sam Hudzik has more.


This morning the defense and prosecutors will turn in suggestions for the jury questionnaire. Charges against Kelly stem from a videotape that allegedly shows the singer urinating on and engaging in sex acts with a minor.

But Kelly isn’t accused of statutory rape. Instead, he faces child porn charges.

Prosecutors say Kelly’s lawyers have delayed the trial by filing dozens of motions. Plus, the judge in the case, Vincent Gaughan, missed work after falling from a ladder. And Kelly missed a court date due to appendicitis.

Kelly maintains his innocence. And, according to his spokesman, he’s eager for the trial to begin.

For Chicago Public Radio, I’m Sam Hudzik.

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