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O'Hare Construction Could Pose Health Risks

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The city of Chicago today began tearing up land near O’Hare Airport for its expansion. The move could be in direct violation to an order handed down by a DuPage County judge yesterday. Chicago Public Radio’s Mike Rhee reports.


Officials from the nearby village of Bensenville say heavy machinery from the city of Chicago rolled onto the legally protected property this morning, and began tearing down trees and breaking up concrete.

Joe Karaganis is an attorney for the village of Bensenville.

He says the destruction could pose an environmental health risk.

KARAGANIS: The judge’s order yesterday said that you’re not supposed to do demolition activities that are going to disturb the structures and soils around the structures until there’s been comprehensive testing, and less than 24 hours after the judge’s order they’re out with heavy construction equipment ripping up the soil.

Karaganis says the bulldozers have now stopped their work.

A court hearing is scheduled for tomorrow.

Meantime, a spokesperson for the O’Hare Modernization Plan did not return calls for comment.

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