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Illinois Lawmakers' Overtime Costs a Pretty Penny

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Illinois state lawmakers say it costs taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars every day they go into overtime. Lawmakers are still squabbling over this year’s budget. Republican State Senator Chris Lauzen says it’s time to stop wasting taxpayers’ money.

LAUZEN: I think that we’ve come to the point in the budget practice where push comes to shove. In that situation we need to face reality. We do need to work together. We need to stop the wasteful nonsense.

The state comptroller’s office says it costs $22,000 per day to pay for all the lawmaker’s per diem. To get these lawmakers into Springfield taxpayers pay $27,000 per week for travel. The final cost depends on additional staffing needs. So far, state lawmakers have met for 60 days of overtime. That’s a state record.

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