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Google Maps CTA

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Google Maps CTA

Photo by John Crouch

Web-search giant Google has teamed up with the CTA to provide online mapping of bus and train routes for riders.

At the announcement this morning, Google brought with it some color to CTA headquarters, even beanbag chairs. The partnership puts a map of the entire CTA system on the shiny, user-friendly universe of Google Maps. Punch in where you want to go and the site now can show you CTA routes you can take to your destination. It’ll also tell you the next few departure times, the cost of your trip versus driving, and the final few hundred feet you may have to walk. CTA President Ron Huberman says the agency is working on adding real-time data to the site.

HUBERMAN: We are right now in discussions with Google on just how to do that as a future innovation, so that you could have real time information on exactly where your bus is.

Google says it’s working on adding Metra and Pace to the site so it can provide routes between the different agencies.

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