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Cook County's Toboggan Slides Hit Bottom

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It’s officially Spring, but Cook County’s Forest Preserve District just made a decision about the future of a winter past-time.

Cook County’s Forest Preserve District used to have two fun ways to get downhill - sledding … and tobogganing. The district used to have six toboggan slides with chutes to make rides quick.

Yesterday, commissioners voted to dismantle the last two toboggan slides. One was in Palos Park. Mayor John Mahoney says toboggan slides were worth saving because they brought people outdoors.

MAHONEY: I consider myself a naturalist but I also understand that, to have broad-based support, you need more than just the naturalists to buy-in into what you’re trying to do. And you do that by having major recreational, family attractions.

Ultimately, Cook County Forest Preserve commissioners balked at the cost of keeping the slides. Each would have cost a million dollars to repair.

A district spokesperson says removing toboggan slides will make more room for traditional sledding.

I’m Shawn Allee, Chicago Public Radio.

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