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Local Landmark Turns 100

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Local Landmark Turns 100

A birthday cake for the Conservatory (Photo by Matt Bergstrom)

A structure once touted as the largest public glass house in the world is turning 100.

The famous landscape architect Jens Jensen designed the Garfield Park Conservatory. It opened a century ago.

Mary Eysenbach is director of conservatories for the Chicago Park District.

EYSENBACH: It came from a time when there was a belief that contact with nature and being immersed in a beautiful and well-designed place could affect your health and happiness. And 100 years later, we find ourselves back in the same place.

Eysenbach says conservatories like this are even more relevant today. She says the Earth is facing environmental challenges, so it’s essential for the public to understand the role that plants play in life.

There’s a 100th birthday party at the Garfield Park Conservatory this afternoon.

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