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Students Return to DuSable Campus

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Security officials at Chicago Public Schools insist the DuSable campus is safe enough for teachers and students to return today. But they haven’t been able to find the gun two teenagers used to blast their way into the empty school early Sunday.

Surveillance video shows the teens shooting out a window. But the kids were unarmed, when officers arrested them more than two hours later, on their way out of the building. Still, Anders Durbak, head of security at the district, says he’s confident the building is safe.

DURBAK: We had searches conducted by the police and other personnel. There were specialized dogs were sent through the building in order to locate the gun. There is no weapon in the building, anywhere.

More than thirty Chicago police officers and district security guards spent the past two days combing the building. Shabazz International Charter School, based at DuSable, canceled classes Monday. The campus’s two other schools temporarily relocated to a nearby building.

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