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Daley Calls CTA’s Response Unacceptable

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Chicago Mayor Richard Daley says the CTA’s response to the recent blue line breakdown was unacceptable. The line temporarily shut down last week after a mechanical problem led to the evacuation of almost 1,000 passengers.

Daley says the CTA waited for nearly an hour after the breakdown to contact the city’s emergency dispatcher.

DALEY: This is not ten minutes or fifteen minutes. This was an hour. Remember that. It’s an hour. And that’s a long time. And that’s unacceptable right there. It is too long.

Daley says the CTA must also communicate better with passengers during an emergency. CTA President Ron Huberman says the agency is buying more telecom equipment for staff and boosting emergency communication training for operators.

Unfiltered: Mayor Daley Scolds CTA for Delayed Reaction to Malfunction

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