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Sheriff Takes Over Duties in Ford Heights

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The Cook County sheriff’s department is on the job full time in south suburban Ford Heights.

Over the years, the sheriff’s department has come into Ford Heights to help with patrols in the financially strapped village.

But this time, it looks to be more permanent.

Sheriff Tom Dart says his department has taken over all patrols and investigations.

FORD HEIGHTS: We have over the last couple of decades had this role before. So, it’s not a new role for us, nor is it one that we necessarily sought out. It seems to get thrust upon us occasionally.

The sheriff’s office began helping the department two years ago but on a part-time basis.

The cost so far over that time has reached 1.5 million dollars.

Dart says he’s hoping to find state and federal money to help cover the costs and a long term solution to this nearly unprecedented but necessary move, he says.

Dart says Ford Heights police chief Earl Bridges will continue to serve but as a sort of liaison to the community.

And, since there are no sworn officers in the village, there’s no one to lay off.

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