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Clinton Ready to Debate in Indiana

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Clinton Ready to Debate in Indiana

Evan Bayh and Hillary Clinton in Indiana. (AP Photo)

Indiana U.S. Senator Evan Bayh says Hoosiers deserves to see Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama debate somewhere in the state.

Senator Bayh says Indiana has its own unique issues that Hoosier voters want Clinton and Obama to hash out in a debate. Bayh, a supporter of Clinton’s bid for the White House, says the New York senator has already accepted an invitation to debate from the Indiana Debate Commission. But so far, no word from the Obama campaign.

BAYH: This is a very important election for our state and for our country. We’ve got thousands of people in Indiana who are in the process of making up their minds. I think they deserve an opportunity to see both our candidates stand side-by-side, take the tough questions. And having that kind of debate will help them make the best decision.

A plan to have a debate in Gary, Indiana, fizzled last week when Gary Mayor Rudy Clay, a supporter of Obama, pulled the plug on it, saying he instead wanted a forum where the candidates appeared separately to answer questions.

Bayh says if and when both candidates accept a bid to debate, then they can decide where in the state to have it.

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