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New ZIP Codes in Chicago

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Some Chicagoans will get new ZIP codes this summer. The changes will affect parts of the Wicker Park and Fort Dearborn neighborhoods—according to U.S. Postal Service spokesman Mark Reynolds.

REYNOLDS: The growth in those areas has been such that we’ve pretty much exhausted all of the nine digit combinations. So rather than try to get anything confused, we’ll create more zip codes, which will give us more 9 digit ZIP codes to accommodate the future growth in those neighborhoods.

In Wicker Park, addresses east of Ashland currently in ZIP code 60622 will change to 60642. In Fort Dearborn, addresses on and south of West Chicago Avenue in 60610 will switch over to 60654. Both changes go into effect July 1, but the Postal Service will keep delivering mail sent to the old ZIP codes for one year.

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