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CTA Could Upgrade To Public Bus 2.0

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CTA Could Upgrade To Public Bus 2.0

Photo by Andrew Huff

The federal government wants to cut traffic congestion in Chicago, and it has some novel ideas of how to do it.

The feds are offering more than $150 million for transit projects, but these are unlike anything the area’s seen before.

Chicago Transit Authority President Ron Huberman says the first involves Bus Rapid Transit. Huberman says the CTA would create bus-only lanes. Then, it would add new kinds of buses and stops. HUBERMAN: It’s a concept of using a new style of bus which allows pre-boarding. So they’ll be a kiosk where people pay before the bus shows up and with a bus rapid transit network the bus stops are further apart so the bus stops will be four or five blocks apart as well, loading people in key locations and then moving them through.

The CTA hasn’t announced where it will first test Bus Rapid Transit. The federal government also wants Chicago to test new parking and trucking fees that might cut congestion.

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